Pear beighnets with cinnamon sugar and lemon on

Pear beignet with cinnamon-sugar

It’s like a doughnut, but better, since it’s served hot and sprinkled with melting sugar… We added pears and lemon to our beignet for a pleasant fruity tartness.

Kidney bean chilli on

R50 kidney-bean mince

Need to whip up something in a jiffy? Throw together a pot of kidney-bean mince, toast some bread, and boom! Dinner is served.

Crumbed chicken on

Crumbed chicken with butternut wedges and home-made tomato sauce

Not keen to spend hours in the kitchen tonight, chopping, peeling and sweating over the stove? Don’t! This recipe is so quick and easy, but it tastes like you’ve just stepped into a gourmet bistro… And home-made tomato sauce? Hello!

Barley risotto on

Meat-free Monday: Barley risotto

Even though it may not be prepared in the traditional way, if you follow our quick and easy steps, you’ll have a creamy risotto-style dish perfect for meat-free Monday.

Chicken leek and parsley puffs on

Chicken and leek puffs

Everyone knows that chicken and leek is a match made in heaven. These little puffs are perfect for a weekend picnic.

Hawaiian style chicken burgers on

Hawaiian chicken burgers

The best way to enjoy meat during the summer months? Freshen them up with seasonal fruit and veggies!

Lattice pecan pie on

Lattice pecan pie

When last did you have deliciously comforting, sticky pecan pie? Make one with us this weekend.