10 ways with avocado

10 ways with avocado

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This creamy, green fruit (technically a berry) is capable of so much more deliciousness than you can imagine. Here are our top 10 ways to make the best of it!

1. Avo smoothie
Avo smoothieBlend an avo with Greek yoghurt (for some protein), apple, honey and lemon juice to make a light breakfast or a snack on the go.

2. Grilled avocado

For an appetising and robust addition to your salad, pop some avo on a griddle pan before tossing them through rest of the ingredients. The char lines will make a visual statement while adding a lovely smoky flavour to an otherwise ordinary bowl of salad.

3. Butter substitute

If you enjoy baking, but not the large amounts of butter that comes with it, replace half the butter in your recipe with mashed avocado. Not only is this healthier, but your baked goods will also be more soft and moist.

4. Deep-fried avo
Deep fried avo
In one bowl, mix flour, salt, pepper and cumin. In a second bowl, beat an egg. In a third bowl, place breadcrumbs. Dip an avo slice in seasoned flour, then the beaten egg, and lastly in breadcrumbs. Deep-fry for 3-5 minutes until golden. The crunchy exterior gives way to a creamy centre that is all kinds of yum.

5. Avocado egg boat

Avocados make a perfect egg cup with the bonus of no extra washing up! Simply half and pit an avo and crack an egg into each hole. Bake until the egg is cooked to your taste. Drizzle with hot sauce, season and dig in.

6. Avocado hummus

The classic Middle Eastern spread of blended chickpeas and tahini gets a rich makeover when you throw an avo into the mix. All you need is 1 tin chickpeas, 2 medium-ripe avos, 3 tbsp olive oil, 1½ tbsp tahini, 3 tbsp lemon juice, 1 clove garlic, ½ tsp cumin, salt and pepper. Blend all the ingredients together until smooth and serve topped with chopped coriander and dried chilli flakes on a slice of toasted pita bread.

7. Avo cream
Avo cream
Whether you want to amp up your lunchtime sarmie or add a twist to your nachos, this avo cream is easy to whip up and super tasty. Mix avo. sour cream and 2 tbsp each of apple cider vinegar, olive oil and chopped coriander.

8. Avo-chocolate pancakes

Indulge in a sweet and chocolatey breakfast fortified with buttery avocado. Simply mix ½ cup all-purpose flour, ½ cup whole-wheat flour, ¼ cup unsweetened cocoa powder, 2 tbsp sugar, 3 tsp baking powder, and ½ tsp salt in a large bowl. Make a well in the centre and add 1 cup milk, 1 large egg and 1 ripe avocado, mashed. Stir until smooth. If you are feeling extra indulgent add  cup chocolate chips to batter before frying, in batches, in a little oil over medium heat. Flip when bubbles start to form on the surface and serve with all your favourite toppings. We love honey, crushed nuts, whipped cream and fresh fruit.

9. No-churn avo ice-cream
Avo ice cream
Want to make a healthier version of your favourite frozen treat? Here’s how: Place 1 avo, 1 tin coconut milk, 125 ml cocoa, 125 ml honey, 125 ml water and 1 tbsp vanilla essence in a blender and blitz until smooth. Freeze for 4 hours, whisking every 20 minutes to avoid ice crystals forming, and serve straight-up.

10. Avocado daiquiri

Feeling adventurous? We suggest mixing up your weekend tipple. Place 60 ml light rum, 60 ml gold rum, 15 ml fresh lemon juice, 15 ml fresh lime juice, 60 ml simple syrup, 1/4 medium ripe avocado (peeled and pitted), 15 ml cream and 11/2 cups ice in a blender. Blitz until just smooth. Divide between two cocktail glasses and enjoy!

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