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4 ginfusions you need to try

A good bottle of gin will always be a welcome gift, but you could kick it up a notch by making your own flavoured versions. Infusing gin is very simple: pour the alcohol into a sterilised glass bottle with one of the ingredients below. Store in a cool, dark place for 1 week. Get creative with the additions – experimentation is a requirement!

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10 lemon hacks you need to know

When life gives you lemons, make sure they don’t go to waste! We’ve compiled a list of our favourite tips that will help you get the most out of this handy citrus fruit.

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Know your pantry: All about oil

Know your pantry: All about oil Instead of reaching for that old go-to, let’s look into some of the healthier (and more delicious) alternative oils out there. Sunflower Sunflower oil is made from pressed seeds, delivering a high vitamin E content and a low count of saturated fat. It has a high smoke point which makes it ideal for frying… Read more →

Know your pantry: Feeling nutty

Know your pantry: Feeling nutty

There’s more to them than nut butter. Get baking, cooking and snacking with these yummy kernels.