Let’s braai with Westfalia Fruit, the #AVOEXPERTS

Let’s braai with Westfalia Fruit, the #AVOEXPERTS

Braaiing is ingrained in every South African – it is part of our heritage. Even if you may not like the process of braaiing, few can say no to the flavour of food prepared over the coals. It doesn’t matter what or how you like to braai, it’s sure to bring family and friends together. Getting the coals ready, marinating and brushing meat with a good oil, making salads and snacking around the fire is all part of the experience and ‘kuier’.

Westfalia Fruit is known as the #AVOEXPERTS. They have one of the most diverse avocado-growing footprints in the world and produce a wide range of quality avocado products. These include their range of avocado and nut oils, and guacamoles. Make sure to have some of these at your next braai.


Let’s braai with Westfalia Fruit, the #AVOEXPERTS


Avocado oil is so versatile

Add a good quality oil when preparing your braai favourites. Westfalia Avocado Oil is the perfect base for a marinade or salad dressing. Brush over meat, chicken, fish or veggies for extra flavour. Stir into mealie pap or drizzle over jacket potatoes. Add to a homemade bread dough for a soft texture or sauté the ingredients for an aromatic chakalaka in the oil. Take garlic bread, potato salad or even a basic green salad up a notch with these flavourful oils.

Westfalia Fruit’s Avocado Oil is produced from ripe, hand-selected Hass avocados, packed with the goodness of fresh avocados. The oil is 100 % pure and known for its health benefits.

The naturally high smoke point of 250 °C, means that the oil’s health structure remains intact, even when heated. This makes the oil ideal for every cooking method, including braaiing. There are four flavours in the range: Plain, Lemon, Garlic and Butter.

Let’s braai with Westfalia Fruit, the #AVOEXPERTS


Convenience in a tub

Guacamole is perfect to dip, dunk and enjoy with any pre-braai snacks or as a sauce with meat, chicken or fish. Westfalia Fruit’s range of guacamoles includes three flavours: Plain, Spicy or Sweet Chilli Salsa. Each tub contains about two ripe Hass avocados and is deliciously chunky.

These Westfalia Fruit products are all proudly SA, naturally cholesterol-free, suitable for vegans and vegetarians alike and great sources of healthy fats.


Let’s braai with Westfalia Fruit, the #AVOEXPERTS


Follow @avoexperts on Instagram and @WestfaliaFruit on Facebook for everything avocado. Or visit their website for delicious recipes and to read more about them.

Make Westfalia Fruit products part of your heritage, because local is lekker!

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