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A quick guide to preserving vegetables using canola oil

Winter is creeping closer and our lives are on lockdown. You’ve done every home-made face mask, tried every herbal tea and can’t binge-watch another episode. If you’re like us and have bought veggies in bulk but don’t want them to go to waste, it’s time to get busy in the kitchen because preserving vegetables using canola oil couldn’t be easier. And keeping your summer favourites in a jar to enjoy during the colder months is just an added bonus.


Your veggies of choice must first be cooked before you can begin. Grill, roast, steam, blanch or pan-fry – it doesn’t matter as long as they’re delicious and flavourful. We love roasting some red peppers until slightly charred for a smoky addition to your meals. Or blanch some beetroots to add an earthy natural sweetness to any dish. Other favourites include pickled onions, turnips, carrots and green beans.


The rule of thumb for pickling veggies is to use 2 parts oil to 1 part vinegar, with a pinch of salt. We love using B-well’s Pure Canola Oil for its robust flavour and a healthy dose of omega fatty acids. The vinegar and the salt are just there to prevent your veggies from rotting, so plain white vinegar and table salt will do the trick. Measure out your ratios and whisk everything together.


Fill your jar with your veggies and then fill up with your preserving liquid, making sure the veggies are completely submerged. You can keep your veggies in your fridge like this – ready to cook – for up to 3-4 months! And don’t worry if you notice the oil hardening; it simply means that the deliciousness is perfectly underway.


You can take your preserved veggies to a whole new level by adding some of your favourite herbs and spices to the jar before refrigerating. Use fresh basil for roasted tomatoes, or mustard seeds and dill for baby marrows. Just be aware of the fact that adding extras to the mix can shorten the time your veggies will stay fresh, so be sure to keep an eye on them.

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By: Robyn Simpson
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