How Tos

preserving vegetables

A quick guide to preserving vegetables using canola oil

Winter is creeping closer and our lives are on lockdown. You’ve done every home-made face mask, tried every herbal tea and can’t binge-watch another episode. If you’re like us and have bought veggies in bulk but don’t want them to go to waste, it’s time to get busy in the kitchen because preserving vegetables using canola oil couldn’t be easier. And keeping your summer favourites in a jar to enjoy during the colder months is just an added bonus. 

Vegan braai

Fry’s shows us how to host the ultimate vegan braai

This Heritage Day, let’s squash the perception that eating off the braai means eating meat. In fact, it’s possible to host a perfectly vegan braai by leaving meat off the table, without compromising on taste or texture. From vibrant veggies to sizzling skewers, make your plant-based braai one to remember. All you need is a touch of imagination, a sprinkle… Read more →