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Wheeling and cheesing

I’m a big pasta fan. And an even bigger cheese fan. Imagine my delight when they came together, but not in the way you’d expect… Last night I happened upon a small Italian restaurant in the heart of Cape Town’s CBD called The Cousins. Literally started by three cousins (Andrea, Simone and Luca) from the Romagna, on the Adriatic coast… Read more →

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Nicky Stubbs’ new book takes us all home

For Nicky Stubbs, cooking and eating go hand in hand with quality family time – as I’m sure it does for most of us. And that’s exactly what she’s sharing with everyone in her new recipe book, For Friends and Family.

It saved my salad!

I have to be honest: salads are not up there on ‘Heather’s top things to eat’ list. I think it’s because a bad salad is really heart-breaking: soggy lettuce, a few sad tomato slices, a bit of feta trying to save the day. Okay, that is a really bad salad, but still, you get my point.  So would you believe… Read more →

My kind of doughnut

My kind of doughnut

The launch of Dunkin’ Donuts in Cape Town today has got me thinking about doughnuts… It’s no secret to everyone who knows me: I like a good churro. No, not like. I love a good churro. I would walk a thousand miles for a good churro. Let’s get this out of the way first: What is a churro? Quite simply,… Read more →