Spicy Moroccan chicken

Spicy Moroccan chicken

We aren’t afraid to turn up the heat when it comes to our food, in fact, we encourage it. Try out this chilli-infused fragrant chicken bake for yourself.

Tuna and biscuit bake on mykitchen.co.za

Tuna and biscuit bake

Do you love tuna bake? Make a creamy and delicious base with a plain old box of Bacon Kips.

French toast with fruit skewers

French toast with fruit skewers

There’s nothing better on a Sunday morning than a breakfast that is delicious and only takes 20 minutes to make.


Ratatouille bake

Pop this classic French veggie dish in the oven to take it to the next level.


A new spin on family favourites this avo season

Celebrate the 2021 avo season by adding an avocado (or two) to your family’s best-loved dishes, for simple, quick and utterly delicious meals made with love.


Univa: selfie approved kitchen appliances

Gone are the days when your kitchen appliances were simply there to help make a meal. Today your appliances are trend-setting and a reflection of your style… literally. Sleek mirror-doors and stainless steel finishes are making built-in ovens & hobs the new Instagrammable must-haves.